Below are some frequently asked questions relating to the event, if you can’t find the question that you are looking for the answer to, please drop us a line.

How do I register for the event?

You can register for the 2018 Great Glencoe Challenge by following one of the links within this website. Registration will close within 4 weeks of the event or in the event of the challenge reaching capacity.

I have registered to take part but don’t want to do it alone, can you match me up with other team members?

We encourage everyone to like and follow the Great Glencoe Challenge Facebook page where you can post a request to other GGC participants to ask about joining them or their team, the team captain or the organiser can have you moved into the team in question.

What qualifies as a team and how many can I have in my team?

To register as a team you need to select a team captain at registration and let your fellow members know the team name, after which each member can select to join that team when the register themselves. Teams can only be made up of a minimum of 2 with no maximum, it is vital to the organiser for allocating start times that you enter as a team if there are individuals that you wish to walk with. Unfortunately if you don't enter as a team it will be unlikely you will start at the same time as your friends, family or colleagues

Can I turn up and register on the day?

No, for safety and planning purposes, you cannot register on the day of the event you must have registered online prior to the event.

Is the only way to take part involve fundraising?

No, you can self-fund your participation which can be selected when you register online

How do I pay the balance of my entry cost and when does it have to be paid by?

You will be emailed a secure payment link hosted by our payment provider, this link will be sent direct to the email that you provided when you registered approx. 6 weeks before the event date. The cut off for making your final payment is 4 weeks before the event date, failure to make the payment by the 4 week cutoff will result in your registration and participation being cancelled.

Can my dog take part with me?

Unfortunately no dogs will be permitted on the 2018 Challenge.

Can a team member withdraw or be replaced?

Yes, a team member can withdraw at anytime but the organiser must be told immediately. You can replace people after registration has been completed but will require you to update registration, if you have no replacement registration must be cancelled. In addition replacements cannot be accepted any later than 4 weeks before the event date. This is for the purposes of insurance, planning and safety. Please ensure you contact us at if you wish to change or cancel/replace you or any of your team member’s. Registration fees are non-refundable if you cancel without replacement. T shirt sizes cannot be changed within 10 weeks of the event when a replacement has taken the place of a registrant

What information will I receive prior to the event and will this be posted

You will receive an Event itinerary, a copy of the Event rules and The Scottish Outdoor Access Code, all by the email you provided at registration within 6 weeks of the event, nothing will be posted. If your email has changed since you first registered please let us know ASAP. If you require details beforehand, for example to book travel etc, contact us at

What are the start times?

The 2018 Great Glencoe Challenge will have a number of wave starts (Wave A, B, C and so on) details of these times will be made availble nearer the event date. On arrival at Event HQ at your allocated time you will be provided breakfast, tea & coffee before boarding the coaches that will take you down to the start point in Glencoe. You MUST allow for time for parking and to organise yourself in the morning as the timings in the morning are very tight & rigid.

When will I be told my start time and will it be the same start time as my other team members and friends?

You will be allocated your start time approximately 2 weeks before the event date. This will be sent by email using the email that you provided when you registered or it may feature on the Great Glencoe Challenge website. For those who have registered as a team, you will all be allocated the same start time. If you do not register as a team at registration it is highly unlikely that you will have the same start time.

What happens on the weekend, do I just turn up?

We require all participants to “Check-in” for the challenge prior to turning up at you’re your allocated start time on the day. Event “Check-in” opens at Event HQ, Glen Nevis, Fort William at 14:30 on Friday 6th July and closes at 21:00 the same evening. At Check-in you will be required to bring along your QR code (barcode) that makes up part of your registration email receipt, the organiser will scan this to check you in. You will also be given your participant bib & number, timing chip, T shirt and wristband. Direction signs placed along Glen Nevis road will help direct you to Event HQ upon reaching Fort William.

What if I can’t make it on the Friday to “Check-in”?

If you can’t make it on the Friday to check-in and collect your items, you can request a team member does this on your behalf. If you choose to do this you MUST notify us beforehand by emailing us at

Where do I go on the morning of the event?

On the morning of the event you report directly to Event HQ in Glen Nevis at your allocated time (PLEASE DO NOT TURN UP BEFORE). When you arrive you will receive breakfast in the form of a breakfast roll, tea & coffee before boarding the coach that will take you down to the start in Glencoe. You will also be told which coach to board, more importantly, making sure you have your timing chip with you & participant number clearly displayed.

Is there somewhere I can park my car?

Yes, all participants can park their car free at Event HQ for the day unless the parking here is unsuitable due to wet weather, please note that this parking is for participants only. If alternative parking is required due to foul weather, you will be asked to arrange a lift or taxi to HQ to help ease congestion as the alternative pay & display parking at the Glen Nevis visitor centre & Braveheart car parks are limited. These carparks are close by event HQ which may involve a short walk of 800m if the Braveheart car park is used. All car parking will be controlled by our parking marshals. **Please note, if you have friends or relatives visiting then they MUST use the pay & display car parking facility at the nearby Glen Nevis Visitor Centre and walk to Event HQ. THERE IS STRICTLY NO PARKING AT THE START POINT IN GLENCOE FOR BOTH PARTICIPANTS AND SPECTATORS.

What does breakfast consist of?

Breakfast will consist of one hot filled roll with tea & coffee, anyone requiring a more substantial breakfast prior to setting off is advised to bring along some additional food for breakfast...And yes there will be a veggie option!!

Are there cut off times during the event?

Yes there are cut off times, everyone has 12 hours to complete the challenge from when they set off from the start. Cutoff times may come into play if you arrive late arrival into Checkpoint 2 at Kinlochleven (approx. halfway) if you have taken over 7 hours by this point you may be taken off the challenge for your own safety depending on the circumstances. The second cutoff is located at Checkpoint 4 Lundavra, at approx 6 miles from the finish. If you are taken off the event due to being behind time at either of these locations, there will be transport to take you to the finish point at Event HQ in Glen Nevis.

Can I run the event?

No, the event is set up for trekking only. We understand that participants may wish to jog or run down some short downhill sections which is permitted. Running or jogging the entire route would ultimately stretch safety assets deployed on the event therefore putting yourself and others at risk.

What is the route like?

The route starts off from the visitor carpark on the other side of the River Coe across from the Clachaig Inn and follows a short section of Gravel path just before it links up with the main A82 and the first controlled road crossing point. There are 2 controlled road crossing points of the A82 that will require caution although we have our marshals and the local constabulary on hand to approaching motorists on. The route up out of Glencoe more or less handrails the main A82 for a time over mixed terrain made up of the old cattle droving roads, gravel tracks, narrow foot paths and some undefined paths through grass and heather… a little boggy in places to say the least! Once up out of the depths of Glencoe where you’re flanked on both sides by the Aonach Eagach ridge on your left and the famous 3 Sisters on your right, the route follows a rather boggy trail toward the infamous Devils Staircase on the West Highland Way. Turning north over the Devils Staircase the route follows the West Highland Way down into Kinlochleven, before rising again back onto the West Highland Way and into Glen Nevis. The route is sign posted all the way with four Checkpoints located along the route. With around 1600m plus of ascent over 26.2 miles it’s no easy feat!

I have chosen to climb Ben Nevis next day, why do I have to be led up and down by Mountain Leaders?

From past experience, many underestimate Ben Nevis even when setting off to do it as a standalone challenge. Therefore having just completed the GGC the day before, legs and body won’t be quite as fresh and strong as they normally are, taking a tumble on Ben Nevis, given the rocky terrain, would most likely inflict some pretty serious damage. Being on your own could turn a potentially serious situation into something life threatening. This is why we have our trained Mountain Leaders with you at all times who carry all the essential first response kit and equipment to deal with issues or incidents immediately. Remember, your safety is our number one priority!

What happens on the day of climbing Ben Nevis?

On Sunday everyone that is climbing Ben Nevis will meet back at event HQ at 08:00am to recieve a short safety presentation before setting off with your guides (please remember this is a controlled group led walk). Please ensure that you have everything that is on your Ben Nevis kit list including something to eat and be aware that your body may consume anything from 3000 to 4000kcal therefore make sure you have enough with you. On average it takes 5hrs up and 3hrs down. When you reach the bottom it’s a short walk back to event HQ before you either departing for home or back to your hotel. Just remember your body will still be recovering from the day before!

Are there toilets anywhere along the route?

There will be Portaloo toilets located at Event HQ, the Start point in Glencoe, Checkpoint 1, Checkpoint 2 and Checkpoint 4.

Do we need a support team?

No you do not require a support team for this event, Ptarmigan Events will support you along the way.

Are there restrictions for taking part?

Unfortunately there are, we have an age cut off in place due to insurance restrictions where no one under the age of 18 years on the day of the event can take part.

What happens if I need to pull out on route?

If you need to pull out on route for whatever reason, you can must make your way to the next checkpoint if you are fit to do so (do not walk back to the last one as it may have closed down by the time you reach it), if it is for medical reasons we will arrange to have you taken off by our support team.

Where is it best to stay overnight the night before the challenge?

We would recommend that you book your accommodation immediately after registration as hotels, B&B's, Guset Houses and campsite fill quickly in the area at this time of year. We also recommend that you stay in Fort William or as near to as possible. Firstly, the event starts and finishes in Fort William and second, there are many hotels, guest houses, B&B’s and hostels within Fort William as well as a camp site in Glen Nevis. We also recommend Glencoe as an option although you will need to travel to Fort William on the Friday before the challenge to “Check-in” then after the challenge sort out transport back down to Glencoe to collect your car having stayed there. Unfortunately the organiser does not provide transport for this. Details of where to find accommodation can be found on the Visit Scotland website at or the latter is a fantastic source of information of what to see and do while visiting the area, as well as a great source of information of where to stay.

Is there a recommended kit list, if so where do I get it?

Yes there is a recommended kit list that you will find within the GGC website. We also have an kit list with additional items worth looking at as it has a few items on there that you may not have thought of that may help you enjoy your day a little better.

What support do you provide on the day?

On the day we will have everything in place to help make your day and your experience of the Great Glencoe Challenge as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. We have medical emergency response and first aiders in place provided by British Red Cross. Transport facilities, water & snack stops, toilet stops at set locations on route, signposts to keep you on track so no real need for a route map although available to download on the GGC website, event marshals and police at road crossing points, charity volunteers as well as checkpoints along the way to help us track your progress.

What happens after the event?

At the end of the event there will be some light entertainment in the form of a live traditional Scottish band, a barbecue and refreshments available before you set off home for a well-deserved rest… if you’re not climbing Ben Nevis that is!